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Movement In Motion came about after the founder, Jessica Barker, made a commitment to provide a positive and affirming atmosphere in her classes for any one who wanted to move their body in healthy ways.  Movement In Motion aims to provide a community for all types of movement instructors to come together, and ultimately find a way to let students know that they will provide a body positive environment in their classes. 

For Instructors

Movement In Motion can provide you with a community of like minded instructors, and can connect you to potential students and clients who want what you have to offer.

Movement in Motion is in it beginning stages, and as we grow, and the name is recognized, it is the goal to provide a free training, pledge, and certification for instructors to say that they will provide this type of environment, as well as a directory of instructors who not  provide this environment and are exemplary in their commitment to empowering others to move their body in healthy ways. 

For now, if you would like to indicate that this is something you support, you may write "I Support Movement In Motion" on your personal sites, along with a link to MIM's Facebook site or web page. 

For Students

Movement in Motion aims to provide a way to connect you to movement instructors and identify those who provide environments that are uplifting and accepting. Instructors who agree to the Movement In Motion pledge agree to not body or food shame, not sell supplements to their students, and focus on health without making weight the focus. 

Movement in Motion will also be providing tips on how to talk to instructors who may engage in this kind of talk and actions if you wish, and provide resources on how to handle these situations in an empowered way. 


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